Unclaimed Tax Refunds

There are many reasons that millions of Americans don’t file their tax returns.

Unclaimed Tax Refunds

Unclaimed Tax Refunds

The main reason is fear of owing.

I was talking to some tax clients who stated that they had a friend who had not filed her tax

returns since the early 1980’s.

I explained that she is probably leaving money on the table by not filing.

So I wanted to share this article regarding  unclaimed tax refunds.

You only have 3 years to claim your tax refund from the year tax year that was due.

Right now the expiration is on for unclaimed tax refunds of 2009.

Source Yahoo News – $917M in unclaimed tax refunds to expire April 15

According to the IRS 917 million dollars in unclaimed tax refunds are set to expire.

This got me to thinking about the people who fail to file because they free that they owe.

You never know if you owe unless you prepare your return.

Having unclaimed tax refunds is losing money that you could use to pay bills or a prior debt

to the IRS site web.

Avoiding the IRS is not a good idea.

If you do owe taxes you can make payment arrangements.

Our tax firm is able to prepare your 2009 to present tax returns.

We can also make recommendations for changes to your W-4 so that you have enough

with-holdings from your pay check.

Your Tax and Accounting Coach,

Paulette Marshall