Tax Resolution

Why choose Liberty Accounting Plus Tax Resolution Services?

  1. We Understand.  We know that getting notices from the IRS can be intimidating.  We can help you achieve a satisfying resolution to your tax issues.
  2. We have the experience. We have worked with the IRS.  We have a understanding of their policies and procedures.  We also know how to communicate with IRS agents and revenue officers to get a precise understanding and a path forward to resolution.
  3. We will inform you of all your options.  We will help you understand all of the options that are available for your individual situation.  You will be able to have a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantage of each option.  So that you are able to make an informed decision.
  4. We work hard.  We appreciate your business.  We will work hard every day to continue to earn your trust.

To start your tax resolution, please call our office at (937) 268-2737.