Finding The Right Tax Preparer

Now that the traditional tax season has arrived many people are deciding if they should prepare their own taxes or find a professional to prepare their tax return.

Finding the right tax preparer is a big decision to make.

Over the past 30 years I’ve seen many changes in the tax industry:

The ever changing tax codes.

Electronic filing verses mailing in tax returns.

Choices  paying up front or having fees deducted for your tax preparation.

The verification of social security number for dependents.

Do it yourself software for consumers.

I recently came across an article that I wanted to share regarding finding the right tax preparer for you.

“Unfortunately, anyone can call themselves a tax preparer. So, in order to find one who will do the best job for you, you need to delve into their background and services a little deeper.

The consequences of choosing the wrong tax preparer can be high. Any mistakes, made on your tax return, could come back to haunt you, not the preparer.”

Source Yahoo Finance – How To Find The Right Tax Preparer

Finding the right tax preparer means looking at their credentials.

All tax preparers who charge money must be registered with the IRS.

Not all tax preparer’s have the same credentials.

Depending on the type of return determines the amount of experience your preparer needs.

Finding the right tax preparer means finding out about their experience.

Before selecting a tax preparer you should ask them have they worked on tax returns like yours.

You want to make sure they are familiar with all the deductions and regulations related to the type of return.

Finding the right tax preparer means getting clarity of fees.

The article talks about getting the fees in writing when comparing tax preparers so that you are comparing apples to apples.

Many times you may be quoted a price by a tax preparer, however; if you don’t give them enough information regarding your tax situation the quote may be wrong.

It has been my experience when talking to potential clients over the phone many do not know what schedules and forms they need to properly file their tax returns.

In order to get a correct price quote go into a office with your paper work so the tax preparer is able to see what schedules and forms that you need.

Finding the right tax preparer means having a rapport with them generic zoloft.

You want to feel comfortable with the person that is preparing your tax return.

The tax preparer should be able to clearly communicate with you in laymen’s terms regarding your individual tax situation.

They should also make it easy for you to ask questions.

You also want to have a tax preparer who is available through out the year.

You may face different circumstances during the year where you need to make changes.

Or you could receive a notice in the mail from the IRS, State or local government for a previous tax year.

The tax preparer you choose should be available for any questions or concerns that come up.

Your Tax and Accounting Coach,

Paulette Marshall